Friday, September 10, 2010

It's About Time!

You know the story of the shoe makers children and how they never had shoes because the shoe maker was always so busy making shoes for everyone else.............finally was able to settle on letters with my daughter and get her's done, I can do anything for her and she picks white. Her room is just about there, just need to pick up the curtains from the seamstress (this mamma can't sew worth beans) and she will be all set. We had just painted her room 2 years ago but she really wanted turquiose walls, so we compromised and did the wall behind her bed and a small nook when you first walk in, that colour. She picked her Roxy bedding and we got an extra set in hot pink and brown. Hopefully this will be okay for the next few years. The dresser I had painted is in there as well and I also had the small side table sprayed ...... added another crystal knob and voila!
That is my old walnut spool bed my Great Aunt gave me, it well over 100 years old and my parents lugged it all the way home from New Hampshire for me when I was small, five coats of baby blue paint and all. My Mom had it refinished, I used it and know Miss A has it. Love the history of it all!